Arran Hoilday- The Highlights

Well, after my adventures doing the Arran Costal Way I had a full weeks holiday to enjoy on Arran with Kit and Paul. As some of you know, Kit Paul and I are working our way through the Scottish islands at least one a year. This year it was to be Arran with a possible addition of the Holy Isle. BTW, the Holy Isle did not happen.

So the holiday started with getting settled into the cottage, going to Lamlash to collect my things an inviting a near stranger to share dinner with us on the Friday night. With the usual insanity I had done a spreadsheet before going that had the outline plans for the weeks activities, the packing lists and the meal plan, so we were quite well organised.

On one of the days we took Scott’s advice and headed up the Catacol burn to the Catacol pools and had a lovely morning there with an early picnic. I had a good bit of paddling and we had a small fire as we enjoyed the views.










Another day we went back up to the Glenashdale falls to do one of the many geocaches that we did over the weekend.









As I had hoped Kit did do a pretty picture making the water do the blended look.










We had two sessions at the crazy golf course (Paul disputed that it could be counted as such as it lacks a windmill) The first session was inbetween heavy rain showers (and during one) so the course was made more of a challenge by the lying water. However all these photos were taken on the second day with much better weather.










Kit’s victory pose having achieved a hole in one.










Paul going for a tricky three hole hole.










After a visit to some standing stones on the west of Arran.










This heron was stalked by us to get a good photo after going around the coast from Lochranza. I had wanted to give a little token to the path builders and Kit and Paul did some caching while I did so. We got a few nice photos.










I had wanted a good photo of a yellow flag iris as I really like them and we had a perfect opportunity that day.










Out caching again on our way down from Lagg to a lovely beach. We had a good walk along the sand before the rain turned us back again. Unfortunately like many times in the holiday there was just not quite enough wind to get the kite up.










On the way home Kit got a good photo of a man feeding chips to the sea gulls that followed the boat.










There were lots of other good things we did not get photos of. In Lochranza we had a lovely meal at the Stags Pavilion- I could not recommend it highly enough. We had a tour at the brewery, followed of course by a very good tour at the distillery. I loved the landscaping inside the distillery and the tales of eagles. We  are pretty certain we saw eagles twice when in the north of the island which was amazing.

We did get the kite out and inspired a fashion of others doing likewise.  We enjoyed some lovely days down the west coast and saw many little corners of the island in the pursuit of small boxes. We had some very silly drives in the car with Kit taking Mist places no Honda Jazz has probably ever gone before.

A surprising highlight was the tour of Arran Aromatics. They do factory tours on Thursday nights during the summer and we went along. The tour turned out to be very detailed and done by the site engineer, he was really superb and so enthusiastic about the machines, processes and the prospects of the company.

One obvious omission from the highlights is my walk up Goat Fell, it was a highlight, but I believe that it may deserve a post of it’s own, so it is getting one.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. scatmania
    Jun 16, 2014 @ 21:47:31

    Awesome-sounding holiday!

    Pass on my best to Paul.


  2. Sarah
    Jun 18, 2014 @ 06:37:38

    My Aunt worked at Arran Aromatics, still order tnings from there now and again! Lovely to read all aboit Arran 🙂


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