Arran Costal Path Day 3 Kildonan to Brodick

Well, onto the last day. I started with a road section and was unbelievably revealed to find that the road took a more gentle incline out of Kildonan than I had arrived by the night before.  I did not like that it was more road walking, but it was nice to see Kildonan castle ruins.

This was one of my attempts to catch the spray coming over the rocks at Whitling Bay where I stopped for some food and a bit of a rest. The path was about to go up to the Glenashdale falls and I wanted to be ready for it.










The path was not too bad, and the views were excellent. It was lovely to be through the trees and I saw the most amazing letter box that we took photos of later in the week.










At the falls themselves I played with the camera for a bit trying to take one of the pretty shots where all the water melts into its self. Kit did it much better when we were there for a walk together, so I will show you his photo later.












After the falls the path winded through the woods and joined onto a cycle path. The path was good and I made quite good progress. The last sentence of the page I was on of the guidebook suggested cutting through the woods to a picnic bench with the most amazing views. The only slight issue with this was that the path that I thought I was meant to take was really a dirt track for bikes. I had been fooled by the track makers using the same yellow spray paint that the Arran Costal path used on the rougher areas. By the time I realised that I was a bit far into the woods and I had no way to tell what way would get me back to the main cycle track. Apart from a few times where I got a little worried it all worked in and I met a path I found on the map to take me back to the track I was supposed to be on.

I got into Lamlash a little later than I had hoped, but decided to make a last dash to get to Brodick in time to meet Kit and Paul off the ferry. As it was going to be tight anyway I decided to abandon most of my stuff at a hotel to be as light as I could for my walk.

The walk was pretty and I did manage to enjoy much of it despite my hurry to get to the ferry terminal on time.










The book suggested that there were two options to finish the walk. One along the coast and the other that used the roads. The coastal path was not an option. There were signs up to say that due to path issues to take the road. So my day ended with a road section and it was a surprisingly quick section as I ended up running to get to the ferry on time.

I only missed it by 5 min so I passed Kit and Paul on the road and they turned around and came back to get me. Walk all done and dusted in 2.5 days. We then made our way to the holiday cottage and celebrated being on holiday.



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