Arran Costal Way Day 2 Afternoon and Evening Lagg to Kildonan

By this point I was certain I could get to Kildonan for the night which is pretty amazing as I felt that it was a big ask before I was an evening short of time. The reason that I wanted to get to Kildonan was that the campsite there would allow for me to wash and rest in a little more comfort.

Shortly after leaving the hotel I also left the road, the path headed for the coast. Looking out over the water there was a woman looking like she was doing the mobile phone hunt of signal game. So I thought I would play the same game not having called in for a while.  The two of us ended up having a great chat, mainly me taking the mick out of myself.

Then I landed on one of the beaches of Arran. It is a very long beach and was lovely to walk along. I knew I would not be on it for a very long time as the first tidal boulder field was coming up and I felt that with aching feet, a heavy pack and a slow maximum speed even on good ground that I would be stupid to risk doing it.










This was my first view of Ailsa Craig, which stayed in view for most of the day. I did get better views of it in the week after while we were traveling around.










I loved seeing the cormorants drying themselves on the rocks.










Looking back over the beach at the end.










The beach getting more stony as the walk went on. I tried to see it as a rustic foot massage to relax my feet.











It was lovely when the lighthouse came into view, it made me feel like I was not missing out on too much of the walk. That said, it also made me wonder if I was being a wimp not doing it.










I began to get a little nervous of finding my escape route up to the road. So I left the beach and skirted the coastline keeping an eye out for the path up.  I met these three geese who where not sure about sharing their path with me and hissed at me quite a lot to make sure I knew.  Once again there was a bit of bog to get through, but nothing problematic.










Soon I met the path that would take me to the road, and it was quite steep looking, so the walking poles came out to help me get up.  I loved the windblown trees looking like they were battling their way up the hill also.










The view of the light house I would look out at in my second night’s camping.










I have no photos from that night, but it was a wonderful evening of showers, shelter from a neighbors tent and lovely hot food from a couple of women and their kids who took pity on my minimalist setting. They were fascinated by the bivvi  bag. They were also interested in walking solo and doing it on a budget. We talked into the evening and I loved sharing their hospitality. I was even invited to sleep in their porch if the rain was heavy during the night. I did not need to as although there was some rain it was light enough.

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