Arran Costal Way Day 2 Morning Conc na Coille to Lagg

Getting up in the morning was more gradual than it often is, mainly because I did not want to face the midges.

With great strength of will I stayed at the site for long enough to take a photo.










Due to the start of the day being mainly on road, a bit wet and not very interesting I have not taken many photos, but this one showed the way back where I had been that morning. It is always great to see the way you have come and feel that something has been achieved.










Shortly after this vantage point my walk headed back down hill to the coast again. It was mainly through the woods and gave a little shade.  Unfortunately as it was the west coast shade meant midges so I could not stop for long at all.












This is the entrance to the Kings cave and although it looks impressive it smells very strongly of pee. I do wish I had gone in, but it was so off putting at the time.  Some of the other caves down there looked more interesting and were a good bit fresher.










This was the start of a lovely walk with the sunlight just ahead of me.  It was hitting a large cliff just ahead of me and it looked wonderful.











Then there was the most impressive man made geological joke I have seen, it made me smile.










Then there was the climb away from the coast, and into Blackwaterfoot.

From Blackwaterfoot to Lagg it was utterly miserable. I hated the section with a passion. If I had the heart to take any photos they would have been of yellow flag irises and the wild mint, the two things that brought me a little pleasure.

Just after Slidderry I met a lovely man who in combination with chocolate made the day feel so much better. My progress was clearly going to be a lot slower on day two but the burning pain in my feet was getting at me. I walked for a while with the insoles removed from my boots and that gave me a little relief.

On reaching Lagg I slunk into the pub for a lemonade and lime, it is wonderful how much better that much sugar can make me feel. They were also kind enough to top up my water to let me on my way again.

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  1. Marne M
    Jun 26, 2014 @ 14:26:54

    Koof linked some of your pictures. How beautiful. No wonder you like the hiking so much, with views like that — breathtaking!


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