Arran Costal Path Day 1 Evening Lochranza to Imachar

Just before getting into Lochranza the men repairing the path had spoken to me about my plans and we spoke of good places to stop for the night. I was not sure if I would get to just before Thundergay to the path up to a lochan. My plan was to pitch part way up the hill, make camp, have dinner and then go for an evening walk up to the lochan its self, because what you really need after a full day’s walking is an evening stroll.  The suggestion of Scott (one of the men) was to get to Catacol burn and make camp there for the night. It sounded very tempting and like a pretty stop. It also had the advantage of not being as far to walk.

The other bit of very useful advice they gave me was to avoid the small section called Postman’s Path as with my pack they did not think that I would fit through the overgrown path. This will not be a problem from the very near future as they were due to move onto that section next.

So I used the road passing sailors grave and some more coastline.

Looking forwards










Looking backwards








Shortly after this the heavens opened. Not just a bit but proper solid bouncing rain that knows how to get everywhere even though waterproofs were on me and my rucksack. It was ferocious stuff.

At this point the most sensible option appeared to me taking shelter in the pub/ hotel in Catacol. This was a great idea and I rewarded myself with a bowl of soup giving me some much needed vegetables. I seriously considered a night in one of their rooms at a very reasonable £35. The only reason that I did not fold and stay there was that I had already had to pay for a room in Ardrossan before even getting to Arran.

So I picked the brains of the people in the pub, and they came up with one side of a bridge or some caves I could sleep in. At this point even under a picnic bench was looking very good. Once the rain was back to normal rain I made my move and started heading further down the coast. At this point I was already 17 miles into the day and my feet were getting tired (most of me was to be fair).

As it happened the rain eased off a bit as I was rounding Imachar point and shortly after rejoining the road I made my camp for the night very near Cnoc na Coille. It had been a long day and I was attracting a lot of midges. So I got bundled into my sleeping bag and midge net and tried to take a photo from the safety of my barricade.


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