Flipping Esk

This post must have been written in October last year, but for some reason has remained unpublished, so I am putting it out there at the moment. A few other posts are not there in addition, but I can’t remedy what I don’t have.

In between the two halves of my Cateran trail walk I had my first outing with the second long distance walking group in the area. We went to Loch Eck and walked around all of it. The way out was up on a high path through the forestry and the way back was along the loch side.

It is another small walking group, but they are not too fast at walking for it to be pleasant for me. I am a little worried that I will not be able to keep up with them on hills but that is something that I will find out and deal with later this month. Image

Loch Eck from above. I am glad we did this side first as it was the one that had the harder walking to do.


Not the best photo in the world, but I never can resist a waterfall.



Lovely butterwortsm when they are on dark moss like this I love how they look.



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