Speyside Way part 4

There was one 15 mile section left for the Sunday, Cromdale to Boat of Garten. Unfortunately our arrangements were made a little were made complicated by two factors, firstly I needed to find the camera secondly Kit had to go and get a new tire for the car as he had a blow out when driving home from Delnapot the night before. 

So, the camera was found quickly and we got sorted. I was dropped at Cromdale and Kit headed back to Elgin to get the new tire. The walk from Cromdale started out along the railway line and soon passed the Cromdale station. It was in lovely condition. 




On the way into Grantown the path winds though a lovely old Scottish forest. There are a good number of signs around asking for consideration for the capercaillies. Unfortunately but not at all surprisingly I did not see any of them. On the plus side the path was wonderfully soft under foot. 


The route for the day was split into 3 sections. The first to Grantown, the second to Nethy Bridge and the final to Boat of Garten. I was very pleased when I got to Grantown in good time and had clearly got back to around 3 miles an hour. 

From Grantown the path passed over the main road and passed the smokery, unfortunately it was a Sunday and therefore I could not get any smoked food to add to our lunch. These was a lovely long stretch of walk along the railway line at the side of the Revack estate. It was a surprisingly quick walk along to Nethy Bridge. 

At Nethy Bridge Kit and I met up for lunch, which was a lovely feast of our two combined lunches. Kit was practically having to shove me out of the car to make me go and do the last 5 miles. I extracted a promise from him that he would meet me part way from Boat of Garten. 

I set off in high hopes of another quick stage, and was sorely disappointed when less than 200 yrds into the section I took a wrong turn. The fault was all mine, I just did not see the marker post. The walk was almost entirely through the woods and it was very peaceful for the first half. The second half was next to the road, and was therefore less quiet. 

As I walked Kit and I had a few calls sorting out the route from Boat of Garten, he had not had the advantage of walking into the village from the other end, so he did not know what way the path was going. We got it sorted out eventually and Kit was on his way to meet me. The path wound through the woods a good bit and I met a few walkers. Kit on the other hand met a woman and helped her carry a car battery.


When we met up we had a quick stop and ate a satsuma each. Then we had a short wander back into Boat of Garten, we were aiming for the hotel for a quick drink before heading down the road. 


It was a good walk all told. I am very pleased I had done the walk as I had lived close to it for so long. Until I started the walk planning I had no real ideal how varied the terrain was on the walk. It was a little more demanding than I thought it might be, especially the section from Delnapot to Cromdale. Although one of my days was 30 miles long, that is not an experience I will be keen to do too often. 


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  1. scatmania
    May 13, 2014 @ 14:10:49

    Nice write-ups. The 30-mile day sounds epic!


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