A visit to North England

Kit and I braved going south of the border last week. We had a few good reasons, so we packaged them all up into a little bundle and made a trip of it. 

Part one, saw us down in Paul’s neck of the woods. I found out while we were there that his mum had met me before. It must have been in my first visit to Aber, as in the whirl wind of people I had forgotten meeting her. It was really lovely to get to know her. We could not have been made more welcome by Paul’s family, both human and furry, even the feathered elements gave us a good welcome. 

Part of the fun of the trip was Kit getting to know Paul’s dogs. Freddy found a great game was to bounce on Kit and lick his ears. Something I used to my advantage when needing to get Kit to wake up in the morning. 

Some of the highlights of our trip included Digger-land, York Minster, Betty’s, Hancocks, and Pink Pig farm. 

After our all too short visit with Paul we headed onto Rob’s. For Kit this involved a couple of air craft museums, for me it meant finishing the Black House by Peter May and a lovely day around Newark. In Newark I had a good time shopping in the charity shops, market stalls and antiques centre. For anyone who has a chance to go, the antique centre in Newark is one of the most reasonably priced and well organised that I have gone around. I followed this up with a bit of a wander that led me to and then around the castle. It would have been a very impressive building in it’s day. I sat under its walls while I wrote a letter to a friend, which felt wonderfully civilised. That evening we had a lovely meal in a little Indian restaurant in Lincoln that has become a habitual part of our visits to Rob. 

The next day we proceeded to the environs of Nottingham and Sherwood forest. The fist time I had seen it. I spent more time than would be considered reasonable by most people thinking of iron gall ink while looking at the oak trees. That may have been heightened by the fact that we were meeting up and spending the day with one of my pen crazy friends. We were not too heavy on the pens. He played with about 5 of my pens. Due to a silly challenge I could try none of his, and he found an absolute steal at one of the stalls in the market. We spent a good amount of time meandering around Retford and followed it up with a game of Munchkin and several games of Fluxx.

On our way to see Kit’s grandparents we dropped my friend at the station. Kit’s grandparents were pleased to see us and made us very welcome. We had a pleasant time catching up on news and me getting to know them a bit better. We had a lovely meal out at a pub a few villages along which made a great end to the holiday. After dinner Kit and his granddad went to the pup to be men together and his Nan and I stayed in and put the worlds to right. Being the lightweight I am in the staying up department I did not make it much past their return before needing to head to bed. 

We had a good start the next morning and got up the road to make full use of the remaining cat cuddling time before we both go back to normal routine tomorrow morning. So back to the treadmill it is. Well, not quite, but more of that in another post…




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