Tent repairs part 1

Tonight we started the assessment of what repairs need doing. We went to Muir of Ord last weekend for the Runrig concert that I so pitifully blogged about.

We packed the weekend full, we camped at Fortrose with the geocachers there for an event. This combined in well with seeing my dad and Jenny as they had booked into the event themselves. We also planned a trip to Clynlish distillery which also took us around Brora. Then of course the concert.  Followed by another nights camping, a morning good with dad, Jenny and the dog. Lastly on the way back down the road we met up with my mum and Keith for a quick cuppa.

The tent we took was one my dad use to own, he nought it about 40 years ago and was stunned to see us using it for the weekend. She has seen better days. It is a vango mk3 the day glow orange kind. It is now rather faded on the outside and needs a good bit of work.


Looking for problems to solve.

The tent bag with original label



The fabric to repair the very bedraggled tent bag.


Kit spot cleaning some stains pre the wash.


The most inventive use of a hair bubble as a bit of short cord when the back of the tent collapsed.


All this was followed by an almighty panic when I realised that one of my necklaces was still in a tent pocket after it went in the wash. We gave retrieved it safe and sound.

So we are putting orders on for the replacements we need and getting ready to replace elastics, metal s shapes, replace a pole spring, repair holes and patch the bag.

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