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A part of my love of fountain pens is the many different types of ink. So I have joined an ink sample group. This year I will get between 60 and 72 new ink samples. The first batch arrived at the end of last week, but out of respect for people who have not yet received theirs I will not reveal the colours.

I can safely assume that by the end of this year I will have around 80 inks. There is no way I will remember all of them. So I wanted an ink journal.

I bought a pad that is known to be good with fountain pens-


I then set about working out how I wanted to organise it. My first decision was how much detail, I feel that more data is better as I may want to order an ink years later that I have 2.5ml of at the moment. There are some great ink reviews out there which I can use as a template. The conclusion was one ink to a page.

Next, how do you divide it up to make sure that you can find what you need later? Order of acquisition did not feel right, even with an index. So colour grouping made most sence.

I did not want a hard and fast divide between colours as the chances were I would get it wrong. Therefore I thought ribbon markers which could move a few pages might be perfect.

First I attached ribbons of most likely colours on to the journals page marker ribbon.


Then I secured them all together with the last page marker at the top catching the tails of my knots and the journal’s page marker at the bottom to hold all the colours together. Before stuffing all the messy bits in behind the spine with the aid of a few pointy thin things.


I wanted to put the inks in a useful order, so I arranged the ribbons from black to oddments (oddments being denoted by tartan). There will be a page or two at the back for me to write down the names of inks I have seen on reviews oretters sent to me that I want to buy but there is no ribbon for this.


To keep them in place I moved the tartan ribbon to the front and then knotted it all along the other ribbons as if I was doing the first row of a simple friendship bracelet.



The real challenge was to work out roughly how much room to give to each ink colour- only time will tell. Of course I used the ribbons to mark the spacing.


When I was quite happy I tightened the ribbons into their pages, and trimmed the ends and seared them with a match to stop them from unravelling.

Lastly I put a little glue on the top hoping that it will keep all the ribbons in place but still let the book work.


I may be able to use it in a few hours.

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