Reading, weather and Work

Well, after my last post I undertook the drive to Manchester for work. The traffic in Edinburgh was so bad that I was stuck there for about an hour before getting down the road. Once Edinburgh proper was behind snow and winds were in evidence. I was excedingly happy as I love the snow and it was such a pretty journey going down to the borders blessed with swirling snow, whitened roads and the magical feeling of winter weather. There were many little flurries all the way down, turning more to sleet and hail by Manchester. I had a bit of difficulty in getting somewhere to stow the van as it was a bit too high to put in a multi story, but ditched it in the end and put it in a better place the next morning.

In preparation for the trip I had picked up a kindle, a lot of a normal week for me involves sitting in the van or in the collage waiting for a call to ask me to do something. There is surprisingly little that it is practical to take with you and work on when you are unable to predict what is happening and have limited space in which to do it. This has meant that for the last 9 months I have read a lot. I have always had to temper that with other activities due to the battery life of my phone not being able to cope with a full days reading.

So in the last two weeks I have consumed many books and some short stories, all of them free.

Anywhere but here, The butterfly effect, Death by facebook, Falling Star, Little Women, Good Wives, Little Men, Jo’s boys, Nine Seconds, Pearl Drops, The Sceptical Ghost Hunter, Social Status, Starfire Angels.

The only criteria of the search as been free, and the only things dicounted from the list were things that looked very technical or were horror stories. I have a few more free books to read, and they will be read over the next while.

Anywhere But Here: Anywhere But Here This was a good fun book, very pridictable but also an enjoyable read that did not take any brain power to analyse. Take a woman who has had very little in life to be happy about despite seaming to have a good life on the surface and then through another unhappy person give her the time of her life and watch her grow. Certainly a pleasent way to lose an afternoon and evening.

The butterfly effect: The Butterfly Effect A charming short story that felt true and illustrated its point very well. The only thing I would say was that it was a rather abrupt close.  Worth a read and it will take very little time and give an insight in to fatherly love and nature’s ways.

Death by Facebook: Product Details I wish I could rename this book, it does not do it justice and is rather irrelivent, while I was reading it I kept feeling that it should be named after any of the more substancial elements in the book. This was a great blend between remote  exotic setting, human interactions and the balance of nature. I really enjoyed it and found it a bit removed from predictable chewing gum for the brain.


Falling Star: Product DetailsI am still feeling withdrawal symptoms from the end of this book. It fully engaged my attention, it’s outline was predictable in several places, but the execution of the story made it a good book to enjoy the events unfolding. I have looked with disappointment and there is not sequel, however this was the first of a number of books written by Diana Dempsey, so I may at some point look up another of her books.


Little Women, Good Wives, Little Men and Jo’s Boys: These are books I have read many times and could tell you most things that happen in them, however I often reread books that I love and will continue to do so for many years. I love the way in which Louisa May Alcott wrote about the March family and have been facinated by her writing since before I became a teenager. I still love her now.

Nine seconds: Product Details This is a Christian short story, that I enjoyed reading but was not entirely sure what to make of as I read it. I think the main issue I had with it was that it was to black and white and was all tied up that bit too neatly for me to buy into. Not one for most people I would imagine as it was very pushy in its moral stance.

Pearl Drops: Product DetailsThis is a short story with the themes of BDSM and erotica, it was an enjoyable enough read, but did little to stimulate mind or body. May well be more fun to read with company.


The skeptical Ghost Hunter: If ghosts are real why do they need the lights turned off: Amazon does not have this anymore, but it was a good introduction for me in to some of the techniques employed to make people feel that they are experiencing supernatural events. It was billed by the author as a unbiased evaluation of the supernatural however he was rather more focused on the skeptic side, that may however have been in line with his wish for evaluation of the situation and equipping people with understanding of how some things that appear  difficult to explain are in fact not.


Social Status: Product Details I can not say strongly enough this was a waste of time to read, it has clearly only been published to raise the profile of the author’s other works. However having read this I would run from anything that has his name attached. I can not think of a more uninteresting book that I have read through and not used as a sleep inducer, the only reason that this was not used to cause sleep was the paragraphs were too small to allow dropping off during them.


Starfire angels: Product Details Not my normal reading matter, but it did get my attention and held it too the end, the other books in the series are priced at under £2 and I might look at buying them if amazon go through a dry spell in their ability to furnish me with books for free. I can see this being made in to a teenage angle film that would not appeal, but it gave me an alternitive reality to be in for a few hours.


So, a mix there and no doubt I will continue to read more dubious fiction which I will be slightly ashamed of, until I consider that it is better to relax with a good book and enjoy the escapism that comes from that than to be bored and frustrated, and there is always a chance that I will find books that I have love and will get great pleasure from joining the characters in the world created for them and me by the author.


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