I feel special, I feel happy and I feel right. It has been a very strange week witha lot of turning point and a lot of changes being made to my life.

I have a year out of uni- this is good, I might get the chance to become a teaching assistant ina school when I get better, I hope I do as this would be ideal for me. I am glad I will not be studying for a while and I can see thing s to do with my time.

I have come to an understanding and a friendship with someone I use to find unaproachable and hard to handle, she once said something that hurt me deaply and when we spoke about it this week I found she did not mean to say what I heard, we talked, I cryed, she helped, I have a new friend because I chose to face a fear.

Kit and I are closer, lots of reasons, lots of ways. He is getting more and more special to me and I am falling more in love with him as time goes on. I know that that is said far to often and probably ment by most, but I am feeling more love than I reaised I was capable of. I am beinng more me and open than I thought I could be also.

I was speaking to another person tonight who I feel will be becoming more and more involved in my life, I am letting people in, it feels good, I am learning that friendships can be mutual and they do not automaticly have to hurt.

Life is special, it changes some changes feel right, this week was full of them, all of them feel right. I have peace.


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