A little update

good morning every one, I have not posted ina while, things have been a bit hectic. The embrodary in my dress is getting on well and I am making a fair bit of progress, I am hoping that Jackie gets out of hospitail today so as I have a bit more free time to myself but we will seen what happens.

I am a bit sore with my back again, the pain killers are helping, I am on Diazapan and Tramadol again, unfortunatley they make me sick, on the plus side it is right at the end of the four hour period that I tend to be sick. Today I will have to ballance my tablet taking as I had my first one at 6.30 this morning and there is no way I will be as;eap by 6 tonight meaning that I can not have a tablet every four hours like I did yesterday, I don’t thin that it is even realistic to go to bed at 8 when the last one would be kiking in, so I will probably have to go 4 and a half hours to each tablet. On the plus side I have not been sick yet thismorning and I have been up for an hour.

Fishes are doing well the seem to have recovered from the power out yesterday that probably lasted about twelve hours,

I know my spelling is diabolical this morning- sorry.

Speak to you all soon.


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