Kit meet Dad

All went well this week when Dad and Kit met for the first time and by the saterday when Kit asked Dad if it was alright that he was marrying me my dad gave his permission. I am very pleased about this as both my Dad and Kit were very nervous about meeting each other and that is not usual.

The person i have been tutoring maths to has now sat her exam and she feels that it has gone well, I am pleased for her and very glad that i no longer have to put in the hours with it, however i may sit my higher maths again in another couple of years.

My bridesmaid for the wedding is having second thoughts, so I will have to wait for a couple of weeks before i know who it is going to be for definate. Best that I am kept on my toes.

I got 4 glass cat fish yeasterday and 5 rummy nose tetras, I like having them. I want something to replace the cambola in the tanks though as it is running wild.

Crazy kittens.


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