I have a life again

Well it has taken me almost three weeks to be able to say that I have a life back but now I can do most things that I am wanting to do. I am still not able to do any heavy work (as in vacume cleaner upwards is still out of the equation). However I am able to do all my volunteering and I am able to use the computer for as long as I want. I am making some progress with the invites and should have them all ready by the middle of next week.

Two of our tetras have died in the last week, one was poorly before Kit bought it and the other died in a mad rush to get all the tetras out of an over loaded tank which had soaring amonia levels.

Today I will have to write my letter of resignation to work adn give them it. Hand in my pinny and get back my mug, I should go down in the morning even though that requires seeing the people I use to work with and feel as if I have let down in disapearing.

I am to go to Falkirk tonight to look around the Hospital Radio station, a part of one of the projects I have got hooked in to.

I suppose I should get on,


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