True Feelings

Well the project now feels as if it has got off the ground and we are begining to make some progress. We have started looking in to becoming a charity, I have spoken to many school librarians about what resorces they currently have in schools. Some have been great and some have been realy furstrating like the one that said “we can’t have books on that incase pupils get ideas” – what on earth?

One very keen librarian was so enthusiastic, a good few were but this one especily, she works in an SEN school (Special Educational Needs) and wants the book in Audio and large print, I am semi tempted to get her a brail copy also but I think that that may be in the clouds.

Speaking of the book, Kit got in touch with the publishers today also and they have been planning another print run anyway, might be perfect timing.

Dan is helping out with the web end of the project also

Did I not tell you that there has been fantastic progress today?


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