well things are getting on fine here, quiet place now that Steve is away again. Work is going better they have only threatened to fire me once in this last week and if I last until Tuesday without them Firing me then I don’t think that there is any way the leagaly can, as I have given them the dates I am willing and able to work (ie one Sunday a month and all other days apart from next Saterday) and in the list was also my finnish date. If they have issue they should deal with it proptly and if my position is not valid then they should make it clear- ie ask me to leave, asap.

The only reason I am a proble is that I am refusing to work more than one Sunday a month, this strangely enough is for religious reasons (even though that sounds very popus) therefore if they continue to pay me the did on the 30th, one more week from then it must be an agrement to the ‘contract’ dates, this means that firing me for not doing any other Sundays it discrimination over religious practices (going to Church). Hopefully it won’t come to this as I am enjoying working there and I am begining to get on well with the people.


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