Happy Fish

Ok, so my life now revolves around fish, your point?

I have spent this evening since I got in to the house playing with fish tanks, it started with an inocent removing the extra heaters from Merlin’s tank, and steadily moved on. I have now added the stones and wood I wanted to put in to Merlin’s tank and they are all looking good. Kit had done some bits and peices in the tanks earlier, and I have now tided up all the cabling so that all of it is at the back. I am loving being able to sit and watch the fish, relaxing evenings are starting.

Tried to fix a chair today at the wolfcraig, staple gun is dead, will have to wait till they have the right staples for it. Amusingly a couple of people thought that this was not a problem and have since stuck wall tacks in the chair to hold the material on- I will fix it again later when neither of them are there to be offended. I will aslo have to paint another few rooms tomorow this time for LMIB (Lets Make It Better). Wounder if I can rope Kit in to it? hehe

Back at uni also today- proper work starts tomorow- as in I can not completly blag tomorows seminar for a third time running, I am in a group on my own this time so it would be even harder.

I have fallen in love with Plecos.


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