More fish and junk

well I have more fish which is good, I also have a few things that will help Kit settle in, however there is so much extra stuff to try and fit in here. I have managed the living room and the study (almost) however my bathroom is full of gravel, my kitchen is a state to say the least, the end bedroom is chalk a block and my room is terrible because I have been throwing things in there at random. I do enjoy doing all the tidying and especially at the moment because i am on holiday and there is nothing that the house really needs to be tided for until the 19th when I have people around. Lots still to be done to get the place looking good.

It was also great to meet Gareth, Paul after all his fuss forgot to take away his shortbread, but it was good to see him also. I got more fish today to make up for my suicidal rummies.


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