Time to hurry

Well I have been lax over the last while about doing the likes of essays and i so regret it now, if I don’t pull my finger out I will not get to spend much time with Kit when he is here.

It is not as if I have been being lazy- I just have not been doing much study. I have been painting another Church (my own this time) and fixing a chair from the wolfcraig, planning a wedding and doing some micro teaching. My last evaluation from teaching was really quite good and I feel that I am making very definite progress toward becoming a good teacher.

I am trying to write one essay on the significance of the middling and lower order’s opposition to the British Government between 1714 and 1760. I am now about half way, which is not to bad as I only started it yesterday, however I ma doing the read as I write approach which I do not like very much- but it is quick.

After this I have another 2500 history essay to do, something to do with war, death, disease and famine, not sure what yet, get this one out the way first.


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