the in laws

Well Kit and my Mum have now met- all is going well for both of them but Mum decided that it would be a good idea to embarrass me in the first few hours- by telling Kit a story from my innocent youth.

I had been learning about Venus Fly Traps (a carnivorous plant) at school, I thought that they were brilliant. All fine and well. Later I came across my brother having obvious difficulty with has zip- he kept getting rather painfully caught, so I exclaimed that Iain had a “penis fly trap”- I was only 7!

However all embarrassments aside it has been good to see them getting on fine together and Mum has already stated her approval. Lots of people are pleased for me and there have been no people that I feel have not taken to Kit- it makes life a bit easier when people are happy.

In other news all my journal entries are going to become friends only- so if there are people who others know of that would like to read it please let me know and I will add them.


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