Well about time- this is the first night that I do not feel too tired to blog and also feel as if I can be bothered typing it.

The school placement has been going well and they all seem to like me- I am particularly enjoying having the chance to practice using the evil eyes on the pupils- a very valuable skill. I am also fortunate that the main class teacher is someone with the type of teaching style that I want to acquire and therefor I have a lot of respect for her.

Some of the pupils are not very bright and it can be frustrating when they are unable to grasp very simple concepts. I have been left wondering how much the environment that these pupils have been brought up in is holding them back. All praise must go to the teachers here though, they do remarkably well all considered.

In the evenings I have been doing very little bar reading and manning my phone- I think that my average calls this week have been 3-4 hours a night. On the subject of number of calls I got my last BT bill in today and in the last quarter I have spent over 70 hours of me calling people- (I also have been called a fair bit even though that is not recorded. It has been broken down in to 220 calls. Scary. In addition to that Kit has been up here for over a week of that and I have not been here for at least two weeks of that. I dare say that it could be worse. (Like I could have to pay for it now instead of having the nice scheme that I have.

More disconcertingly I managed to lose my mobile today- it will be in the uni library but I will not be able to get it back until Monday night- i have being without my phone especially when I am waiting for a call on it. Grrr.

Jenny arrived back from her Christmas holidays tonight. This is a good thing and she came over here as the uni is too quiet- she is staying till tomorrow (another weekend of entertaining). I also got the chance to see Jackie today- another good thing- I have also not seen her since before Christmas. The best thing is that both have treated me to food. Happy Fiona.

I really must go- I should sleep but i feel as if I am not nearly tired enough- however I did have a good nights sleep last night- better than for a while.


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