Recorded Delivery

Well today has been very busy and a bit too hyper, my ring came through the post today, so I have been understandably high and very happy.

I went round to find a friend to share it with in Tilly and the first person I got in was Gillian, so it was a cupa and a bleather there before going in to town for a New Years party. On the way to that in Stirling I went in to the two volunteer centers and the shop that I use to work in to announce my engagement- lots of very happy people for me.

Then I got to the Wolfcraig Project that was having the party and had a fuss made over me for the rest of the afternoon.

When I got back I went out again to the Primroses to let Jacqueline see the ring and then to Bert and Isa’s, as they would lynch me on Sunday if I had not gone round today. So all the must do visits are done- sunday will be another of the celebratory days and then things should calm down a bit, in some ways I will be very glad, I need some quiet.

I also asked my youngest cousin Katie to be my bridesmaid tonight, she is pleased, and from what she has said, very touched to be asked.

well I am signing off now- lots of other stuff happened but I am not feeling very communicative.


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