Bathroom competly complet- almost

Well today I thought that I would be phoning my primary school placement to get a pre-placement visit arranged- but there was no one there to answer my call- never mind I got to use the day in other ways.

I had a look at the bathroom door- it was not shutting and I was a bit bothered about how some of my visitors would find this- so I took it off to have a look at it again- and found that the hinges were duffed- so I went to find some- none in Tilly- next stop Alva (I walked, saving money!) Managed to get some and I bought a chisel also as I really can not be bothered using my rather small chisel on either my Leatherman or the pathetic excuse that I use to call a pen knife.

The door is now working and looking good. Then I touched up all the paint work and the radiator paint before varnishing 2 and a half doors and taking my Christmas decorations down. I have also painted, framed and hung tow pictures for the bathroom.

I really should get on.


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