Well the decorating of the bathroom continues- my main Christmas present this year was to get money to do it up so I have had Mum down here for a few days working on it with me. It was yellow and blue and is fast losing the yellow element to it.

The work has been quite fast with the paper being stripped on hogmany, the plastering being done on new years day and then visits to my brothers flat and my Grandparents house to see people while it dried. Followed by sanding at night. Unfortunately over night I have been hit with a stomach bug that made life a little less pleasant for about 24 hrs- hopefully all is passed! :-/

Today has been a day to pick up the things that we needed to use. New tile, grout, adhesive, carpet (posh floor!), paint and wood to trim. Mum also bought Kit and I an engagement present of a set of ladders- the good style that will be very useful to put the paper up tomorrow.

Have now edged things with wood, replaced a tile, re-sealed the bath, and started the painting. All good fun.

The most fun part of today has been extracting a tile from between some others to replace it without damaging the other tiles- I have manages but I* have some rather painful cuts on my hand since trying to do it- never mind at least they are small.

Tomorrow the vinal papering starts.


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