Thanks everyone for your congratulations- I read them from Kit’s page. As for a party that could have some interesting logistics to get both of us there.

It is very strange how much you can get done when there is nothing in the way of getting it done. Today has been productive- and expensive.

I have bought some new music to liven up my collection. Two compelctions one on 60s music and one on Jazz, enjoying both as they have music I know and music I don’t know. Some that have good memories attached. (Good Golly Miss Moly, being one of them. I was playing a young version of a fictional famous person in this is your life, where he was in a sciffel band- it was great at the time, I think that it may have been the first musical that I acted in that was sufficiantly popular to be two or three nights with a few hundred comming each night.)

I also bought some more herbs and spices putting my colection up to over 30. I also got the containers that I like to store them in. I could not resist a few other food luxuries also- however I did stop short of getting dried posh mushrooms- I am a student after all.

Lastly I bought a few things for the house, a new filing box- my cabine is getting a nightmare- some sections are too full so I will split receipts and guarantees and product manuals up in the new one and leave the old cabinet for other things. I have also now got all my cushions in to commission as I have bought some inners- they are not the right size however- it will have to do though as to move from 16″ sq to 18″ sq doubles the price. Grrr. I found some fleecy bedding on sale and now have a second set of bedding for the double fold down bed in the study- good thing. A lamp- but it has bitten me so I am not pleased.

so all in all an expensive day but I did want the things for a while.

My bedroom cupboard is getting sorted- gradually, I don’t think that it has been tided since I moved in.

I am going to make full use of this time that there is nothing else that I have to do- also I have little other option- I don’t think that there is anything to procrastinate on (unless you count writing journal entries!)


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