Well I have finally got rid of another few tasks. The biggest one was an article for a magazine. After several hours of combined work of my friends (thank you Dan and Kit!) it was ready for an evening of work from Kit and I. So at about 2 this morning the article was sent off to Leeds to find its place there, here is hoping that it is well received, Kara certainly seemed pleased to get it.

I have also sorted out the last part in my community service volunteering, this has been quite a task as there have been many parts involved in bringing the components of volunteer, buddy and placement together at the same time. All is looking well and next Thursday I start doing crafts with the people in the retirement home, something that I am looking froward to. I am also told that I should be fully supplied with cups of tea.

Interestingly I also seem to have become a consultant for the Open Door Project. The ideas for expansion and policy change have just been run by me and I have been asked to see what I think of the different possibilities. Some good sounding changes that move the responsibility away from one central person- good thing as she has too much work to do.


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