Thick and fast

Well as I said a few weeks ago I had asked to be Baptised im my Church, well I had a sort of interview chatty thing (after being fed) with me pastor and his wife last night. It was realy just to make sure that I knew what would be involved and that they knew that I was a commited Christian. All went well, but much to my supprise and pleasure they have also asked me to aply for Church membership. Something that I tought that you do after about a year of involvement with the church. I am very hounered to have been asked, I have also desided to take them up on the offer.

The Babtist Church procedure on this on is that it is now desided by the decons meeting if they will have me which is later this week. I should know on Sunday.

They were all laughing at me last night, I was so stiff from having played badmonton with the young people.

More again later- day of study and essay wrighting.


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