land of living

Hello people long time since I have been able to computer at leasure so here I am.

Well today I resigned from SUSA- the student assosiation couincil, on the principle that I don’t have the time to put in every thing that I can to the running of it so I wont act like I can. It puts pay to the eventual idea of becoming Welfare Sab so as I can control how SUSA treats certain organisations within the uni but hey- there are other ways and means.

I have also been told that I may have found some one to be a buddy to for a half unit- however I think that it might be something that I carry on- I knew of this before I quit SUSA- not got a replacement already.

Oh, I start my job tomorow- this is not a long term plan I am filling in till the shop owner gets someone real- I just don’t like her not getting days off.

Currently also trying to battle with the History department about their provision for students with dyslexia- however I have several things such as the law and university policy on my side and at least two people willing to fight my case on it- one in particular- so lets see how this one goes.

Back to the non urgents

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