ice cream

Well that is uni started for sure now and it has been a bit of a hectic start. I have learnt that a diary is realy no use to me what so ever unless I look at it and actuly check what I am ment to be doing. Nor is it any use to me when people put things in my in tray and I deside not to look at them untill the meetings are all over. Nevermind, I only have to miss another two SUSA meetings without explenation before I am asked to leav, I can but try.

Apart from that I am getting more and more encoraged by the young people in my Church. Last night I was helping at the Gate (a youth group thing where secondary school kids come along and we let them play pool, computer games and table football, there is also a TV for them to watch. I was very worried when I started doing youth work that they would find me totaly alianating and would not want to come back or would be a nightmare to work with but they are great, they even talk to me.

In other news I am turning in to my mother. This is a bad thing.

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