what Dave and I did!

I had Dave doing all sorts while he was here or at least I had all sorts planned for him to do. Meet some of the crew her, duely done at Beansceen.

A quiet night in, just to settle him in and let him recover from an early start that morning, also duely completed.

On Saterday morning I was going to have hip up and gardening, however that did not happen as he sleept in, I did the gardening and got back when he was not long woken up. The poor guy was knakkered. Then we had an afternoon of outdoor shops and card games before going out to a CU celidgh at night, the first propper chelidgh that Dave had been to, there is insufficiant feet damage to clasify it as a wild chelidgh but mabey a gentel introduction is best.

On Sunday the church had a change of service to something a little bit different. In some ways lossing its distance from the more happy clappy Babtist churches which I am a little less sure of. I don’t want the Church to lose what it has but it might just have been one service that was a little different.

The evening service however was fantastic, it was asking questions on the credibility of the bible and to folow I was helping to lead the young (Secondary school aged people) in a disscussion and activities in realation to how they felt about the bible. I came back almost bouncing off the ceiling cos the young people were so full of it an dso refreshing. I also realy felt that I could do a lot of good working with them and I realy see where that is going.

In that way I am a very happy person.


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