Back to Uni

Well that is me four days in to uni now. As it is freshers fayre it has not been too tasking however I have been working on several stalls at the same time as trying to register for an insane number of units (will I ever learn?). Never mind, I had my first history lecture today, one of the lecturers I know quite well and the other I think is a decent type of bloke, he seems ok at the lecturing also. The problem with the course is that instead of covering 5 people it is covering 8, so that is more work and they are spread over 1000 years of history. Should be fun.

I also got my computing instructions today: Networks, Hypertext and Java are all on the list so at least I will not be bored to tears this semester. I have so much extra timetabled work this semester, if it was not for computing I would be in uni about half the time. Never mind, I am in most days anyway and I will probably study when I am in.

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