All the news

Well it’s been a busy few days. After hearing Liz was leaving (apart from the rushing to a terminal to tell everyone, I started trying to make sure that I had everything ready for my friend from Sweden coming. Harder than it sounds because you can’t feed him in the normal way.

I then spent the early evening working on the Church garden and told a few (well the other two workers) there that Liz was moving out, not much was said so all well.

Olie arrived at mine, with me from the station that night and we had a few days of what on earth can we find to do with ourselves in T, I did not think that he would like to be given housework, gardening or DIY to do. We also spent a lot of time with Jenny who is also not long back after the summer.

The problems came here these were people who know both Liz and I and are friends of us both and I was in a constant state of diplomacy about it as they kept bringing Liz leaving in to conversation. (Awkwardness of this being that Liz and I can not agree on what went wrong over the summer so explaining it to others is hard.)- however they have finally both stopped pestering me about it.

On Sunday I found that Liz was in Alva, not Glasgow, not sure how she will find Alva but never mind. It was a little strange that I found more about where and how she was from other people that neither of us know very well. All fun and games.

The last related news is that Liz and I had a cuppa this morning after randomly walking in to each other and the two of us are getting on well again- all it takes is not living with each other and all is well.

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