People return

Well it is that time of year again here when people start returning and things start to happen again. Strange to see S when there are actuly people around again.

Last night I spent my time with Jenny a friend that I made last year though spending copious amounts of time doing voluntry work with her, she was the one that I learnt the ropes with. The two of us spoke about everything from how I had managed to pull a fast one with publisity to how great it was to be completly head over heals with someone as she is in the same state over an atendee of Cardiff Uni that I am with Kit. It was great to see her again though and she is looking a lot better for the summer.

Today has been good, I have finaly got the leveling compuond down on the floor and it is all looking good, it went down yeasterday but it was dry enough to sand smooth today. I have spent this afternoon with Jayne, and it has been good to catch up with her also, however I get the feeling that we could have organisational differences of oppinion this year- but that will just add to the fun and games of it all. She is as bad as me and Jenny, possibly a lot worse as I am currently being read a part of the e-mail he last sent. However, this has been good as we have been talking about the additional complications with relationships when you are a Christian.

A bit strangely I got an e-mail from someone I have not heard from in several months today. It was in responce to a e-mail I sent out to a lot of people saying that I had changed my e-mail address and he was asking if I had ever been to Aberystyth before. This is not too odd apart from as far as I know there is no conection between him and Aberystyth. So mysteries to be resolved.

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