numb bum and travel sickness

Well, I have found out what happened to my travel sickness, it did not disapear I just left it on twisty roads. I had suspected this for a while as when I have on occasion been driving too fast the sicky feeling had come back. It is much better than it sounds though, beacuse I have not been sick, I just feel sufficiantly sick that I will save some money by eating less which is always a good thing. Traveling also has a tendency to give me a numb bum, I have been on assorted modes of transport for ten hours today and that pushes my traveling (for holidays) time up to over 50 hours this summer ahhh!

Mull has been great, I certainly do not intend to stop going back each year any time soon, it is beautiful and I have had some wounderfuly refreshing swimms in the sea in the last few days. Last night was less good on the swimming frount though. The crabs were out in force and I was not to pleased at the thought of putting my feet down on the top of a crab, so it was a quick dip only. The flatties are much more fun though, they bump along your feet and are tickely, it is a strange sensation though when they disapear from under your feet.

Good to be back, however I have only made it to a computer lab as yet, will get back to the flat soon.


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