Holiday time (again)

Well having not long been back from Wales and about to leave for Mull (in 1 hour), it has been a busy few days. I have been cutting grass, cleaning the house (my flat mate and I have now split the rooms in to you tidy that and I’ll tidy this) however I had to clean them all first! Grrr

Never mind it has also been a very good weekend in some ways I have now handed in all my forms and details for my primary school placement in January, I am hoping to get Fishcross Primary School as that way I can have a good distance of a cool off walk before I have to face anyone (I don’t really want to come in ready to blow a fuse, it’s nice to give it a few minutes first!)Can’t wait for that to come round though, another step on the way to teaching. It will be even better when I get in to secondary school, no more very snotty little kids.

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